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      Can Games and Digital Tools Help Students Take Fewer Tests?
      Motion Math has been trying to solve a tough problem: Can digital tools assess for student mastery within the content so that students don’t have to take so many tests? The San Francisco startup is trying to crack the puzzle with the help of a $1 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (Read the full EdSurge story.)


      Landmark study: Motion Math improves fractions knowledge, attitudes
      The Games and Culture journal peer-reviewed and published the first experimental research on iPad learning, studying 122 5th graders.

      • Students who played Motion Math: Fractions! for 20 minutes for five days improved on a fractions test by an average of 15%. (The items on the test were taken from national and international standardized tests.)
      • Students’ attitudes towards fractions improved 10%.
      • Virtually all students rated the game as fun and that it helped them learn.


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      sy双赢投注 “[The] games are all stellar.”
      kg彩票登录 “A clever way to bring math into your family’s life.”
      sy双赢平台官方下载 Motion Math “is synonymous with quality, with innovation, and deserves to be supported by parents and students and the education sector because these are the kinds of edtech companies we want to see succeed.”
      必盈彩票平台官网 “Learn addition with hungry guppies and multiplication with (nonangry) birds.”
      tcg彩票app “In just five days, an hour and 40 minutes of game play, we saw 15 percent increases on the test scores.”
      sy双赢登录 “Interest is growing in educational apps, and this is evident in Motion Math’s download stats.”
      双赢网下载 “In our own games, we aspire not to balance engagement and learning, but to fuse them together. We believe that’s the way games can best tap into the natural drive humans have to learn, explore, and be challenged.”
      电竞赛事竞猜平台  “…fifth graders’ fractions test scores improved an average of over 15% after playing Motion Math for 20 minutes daily over a five-day period, a significant increase compared to a control group.”
      kg彩票投注 “Offers proof that a hard math concept can become fun.”
      IM电竞app下载  “The long-term goal is to develop an infrastructure that includes data on how people play and solve problems.”
      tcg彩票平台app “Motion Math’s suite of creative math games has drawn the attention of many parents, teachers and investors.”
      tcg彩票客户端 “Part of the fun comes from adding a visceral component to math instruction.”
      im电竞投注 “Motion Math is taking a cognitive scientific approach to the problem and trying to take full advantage of the range of mobile technologies available, which sets it apart from others who are working on bringing existing material over from print sources pretty much unchanged.”
      必盈彩票投注网 “The more young people are able to solidify these…fundamental mathematical concepts…the likelier they will be to do well in future mathematical and academic pursuits.”
      大发注册送38  Editor’s Choice Award – 4.5 Stars.
      双赢网app官方下载 “Motion Math has turned math into a physical activity. They link learning math with kinesthetic intelligence. This can’t be recreated on a maths sheet.”
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